Richard Everett Hattam + Helen May Chirgwin

2 children
Gwendoline May Hattam
Birth: September 7, 1920 31 24Higher Grumbla, Sancreed, Cornwall, England
Death: April 21, 2001Penzance (district), Cornwall, England
Ernest Everett Hattam
Birth: July 30, 1929 40 33Lower Botrea, Sancreed, Cornwall, England
Death: July 3, 1986Sancreed, Cornwall, England

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Family group information
Marriage December 6, 1919 Husband: 30 Wife: 23
Address: Parade Street Chapel Parade Street Penzance Cornwall
Publication: General Register Office
Citation details: 1
Date of entry in original source: December 6, 1919
Name: Richard Everett Hattam Age: 30 years Condition: Bachelor Profession: Farmer Residence: Botrea, Sancreed Father's name: Henry Hattam Father's profession: Farmer Name: Helen May Chirgwin Age: 23 years Condition: Spinster Profession: - Residence: Botrea, Sancreed Father's name: Richard Chirgwin Father's profession: Farmer Married in the Parade Street Chapel according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the United Methodist Church by Certificate. Witnesses: R Chirgwin H Hattam In the presence of: J Hartley Duerden, Minister Samuel O Watkins, Registrar
Source: GRO index
1919 Dec Penzance 5c 649