Andrew Harvey + Ann Sophia Hodge Saundry

2 children

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Marriage September 14, 1859
14 Sep 1859 by Licence Andrew Harvey full age Surgeon of St Just (Father: William Harvey, Apothecary) Ann Sophia Hodge Saundry full age of Bosavern (Father: John Saundry, Yeoman) Witnesses: John Saundry, Mary Trembath, Ann J Trembath
Census April 7, 1861

1861 Census RG 9 / 1598 / ED 16 folio 92 page 32 schedule 167 Market Street, St Just in Penwith Andrew Harvey, Head, Mar, 33, General Practitioner MRCS, Cornwall, Penzance Ann S H Harvey, Wife, Mar, 23, -, Cornwall, St Just Laura Harvey, Dau, -, 8m, -, Cornwall, St Just Honor Matthews, Servant, Un, 20, House Servant, Cornwall, St Just