Loami Chellew Nicholls + Elizabeth Friggens

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Marriage 8 December 1874
Census 1880

1880 Census Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA Loimia Nichols, Self, M, Male, W, 58, ENG, Labor, ENG, ENG Elizabeth Nichols, Wife, M, Female, W, 56, ENG, Keeping House, ENG, ENG Joseph Friggins, SonL, M, Male, W, 32, ENG, Home, ENG, ENG
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Gulval Marriage Register 1813-1905 (3) 8 Dec 1874 by Licence Loami Nicholls full age widower Miner of St Mary, Penzance (Father: Harry Nicholls, Farmer) Elizabeth Friggens full age of Gulval (Father: William Friggens, Farmer) Witnesses: Richard Friggens, Christiana Harvey
SourceRyan Dudley's Friggens.ged
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