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George Hendy Pooley + Catherine Herbert Dupre Louis

4 children

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Marriage February 14, 1863
Citation details: 104
Date of entry in original source: February 14, 1863
St Pancras Church, St Pancras, Middlesex Page: 104 1863 Marriage solemnized at St Pancras Church in the Parish of St Pancras in the County of Middlesex No.: 207 When Married: Feb 14 Name: George Hendy Pooley Age: full Condition: Bachelor Profession: Gentleman Residence: Canterbury, Kent Father's Name: John Mason Pooley Father's Profession: Gentleman Name: Cathrine Herbert Dupre Louis Age: Minor Condition: Spinster Profession: - Residence: St Pancras Father's Name: Alexandre Louis Father's Profession: Dead Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by Licence by me, Francis J Holland, Off Min. This Marriage was solemnized between us, George Hendy Pooley Cathrine Herbert Dupre Louis in the Presnece of us, Charles Pooley Anne Elizabeth Smyth
Census April 2, 1871

1871 Census RG 10 / 161 / ED 5a folio 5 page 3 schedule 15 95 High St, Marylebone, London George Pooley, Head, Mar, 35, -, Retired Army Officer, Ireland Cathne Herbert Pooley, Wife, Mar, -, 26, -, At Sea Harritt Pooley, Dau, Unm, -, 7, Scholar, Canterbury Edith Pooley, Dau, Unm, -, 5, Scholar, Jamaica Mabel Pooley, Dau, Unm, -, 3, Scholar, Jamaica Francis Pooley, Son, Unm, 5 mo, -, -, Marylebone