Henry Hattam + Johanna Barrett

12 children
Elizabeth Ann Hattam
Birth: 10 December 1852 26 25District of The Murray, SA, Australia
Death: 4 January 1853District of The Murray, SA, Australia
Johanna Hattam
Birth: 1859 33 32Campbells Creek, VIC, Australia
Death: 1860Campbells Creek, VIC, Australia
Mary Hattam
Birth: 1860 34 33Campbells Creek, VIC, Australia
Death: 1861Campbells Creek, VIC, Australia
Johanna Hattam
Birth: 21 October 1861 35 34Campbells Creek, VIC, Australia
Death: 1862Campbells Creek, VIC, Australia
John Hattam
Birth: 1864 38 37Campbells Creek, VIC, Australia
Death: 1865The Loddon, VIC, Australia
John Hattam
Birth: 1870 44 43Castlemaine, VIC, Australia
Death: 1871Campbells Creek, VIC, Australia

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Family group information
Marriage 17 May 1851 Husband: 25 Wife: 24
17 May 1851 Henry Hattam, 25, batchelor, Miner of Chacewater (father: John Hattam, Miner) Joanna Barrett, 24, spinster of Chacewater (father: Richard Barrett, Miner) Witnesses: T G Hicks, Mary Mugfur
Source: GRO index
1851 Jun Truro 9 366
Publication: General Register Office
Citation details: 1
Date of entry in original source: 17 May 1851
1851 Marriage solemnized by Banns in the Parish of Kenwyn in the County of Cornwall No.: 457 When Married: May 17 Name: Henry Hattam Age: 25 Condition: Bachelor Profession: Miner Residence: Chacewater Father's name: John Hattam Father's profession: Miner Name: Joanna Barrett Age: 24 Condition: Spinster Profession: - Residence: Chacewater Father's name: Richard Barrett Father's profession: Miner Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by ... or after ... by me, Edward Hawkins. This marriage was solemnized between us, The mark of Henry Hattam The mark of Joanna Barrett in the Presence of us, T J Hicks Mary Mugford