HATTAM - Cornwall - St Just in Penwith, Redruth, Truro
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Total surnames2,283
Media objects757
Total events57,491
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Earliest birth year1480William Lanyon
Birth 1480 - Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Death 20 March AD 1566/67 (Age 87) -
Earliest death yearAD 1567William Lanyon
Birth 1480 - Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Death 20 March AD 1566/67 (Age 87) -
Latest death year2013 James Richard Lawry
Death 6 January 2013 - Michigan, USA
Individual who lived the longest103Mary Willets
Birth 1784 - Newington, Surrey, England
Death 1887 (Age 103) Age: 102 - St Olave (district), Surrey, England
Average age at death55Males: 54   Females: 56
Family with the most children18John Rowe + Elizabeth Roberts
Marriage 12 November 1853 - All Saints Church, Bendigo, VIC, Australia
Average number of children per family2.41 

Most common surnames

HATTAM - Cornwall ‎‎(St Just in Penwith, Truro, Redruth)‎‎
On this day
Betty Lorraine LobbLobb,Betty Lorraine21 October 199901818Death
Helen HattHatt,Helen21 October 196415353Death
Ethel May WalkerWalker,Ethel May21 October 192828989Death
Eunice Icely BarclayBarclay,Eunice Icely21 October 19163101101Birth
Lawrence MorrinMorrin,Lawrence21 October 19164101101Birth
Moses HattamHattam,Moses21 October 19095108108Birth
Edna Clarice HattamHattam,Edna Clarice21 October 19006117117Birth
William Bowden VealVeal,William Bowden21 October 18817136136Death
Jane PenrosePenrose,Jane21 October 18808137137Death
Richard Sydney LeggoLeggo,Richard Sydney21 October 18799138138Birth
Jane NichollsNicholls,Jane21 October 187710140140Birth
Bertha Emmeline HattamHattam,Bertha Emmeline21 October 187111146146Birth
Edwin James PooleyPooley,Edwin James21 October 187012147147Birth
Johanna HattamHattam,Johanna21 October 186113156156Birth
Loveday HattamHattam,Loveday21 October 184014177177Birth
Mary Ann JelbertJelbert,Mary Ann21 October 183215185185Birth
Elizabeth VigursVigurs,Elizabeth21 October 179616221221Birth
John Barnes + Honor NewtonBarnes,John + Newton,Honor21 October 188317134134Marriage
Richard Hocking + Eliza TregearHocking,Richard + Tregear,Eliza21 October 187818139139Marriage
William Clemens Williams + Amelia HarveyWilliams,William Clemens + Harvey,Amelia21 October 187719140140Marriage
Alfred Trembath + Susanna GribbleTrembath,Alfred + Gribble,Susanna21 October 187520142142Marriage
John Pearce Nicholas + Mary Jane BerrymanNicholas,John Pearce + Berryman,Mary Jane21 October 185621161161Marriage
William Matthews + Mary BottrellMatthews,William + Bottrell,Mary21 October 185422163163Marriage
John Eddy + Elizabeth TreziseEddy,John + Trezise,Elizabeth21 October 183923178178Marriage
Gabriel Casley + Margaret HattamCasley,Gabriel + Hattam,Margaret21 October 180724210210Marriage