HATTAM - Cornwall ‎‎(St Just in Penwith, Truro, Redruth)‎‎

HATTAM - Cornwall - St Just in Penwith, Redruth, Truro
This family tree was last updated on 19 March 2015.
Total surnames2,283
Media objects757
Total events57,491
Total users2
Earliest birth year1480William Lanyon
Birth 1480 - Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Death 20 March AD 1566/67 (Age 87) -
Earliest death yearAD 1567William Lanyon
Birth 1480 - Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Death 20 March AD 1566/67 (Age 87) -
Latest death year2013 James Richard Lawry
Death 6 January 2013 - Michigan, USA
Individual who lived the longest103Mary Willets
Birth 1784 - Newington, Surrey, England
Death 1887 (Age 103) Age: 102 - St Olave (district), Surrey, England
Average age at death55Males: 54   Females: 56
Family with the most children18John Rowe + Elizabeth Roberts
Marriage 12 November 1853 - All Saints Church, Bendigo, VIC, Australia
Average number of children per family2.41 

Most common surnames

HATTAM - Cornwall ‎‎(St Just in Penwith, Truro, Redruth)‎‎
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Elizabeth Patricia J AngwinApril 200218Death
John Leslie HattamApril 200119Death
John Thomas WatersApril 199228Death
Wallace TregenzaApril 199030Death
Florence Gwendoline DownApril 197446Death
Alexander Cruikshank CollierApril 197347Death
Lilly May RoweApril 197050Death
Ethel Maud GeorgeApril 196951Death
Zosimo MorelliApril 196258Death
Elsie GeorgeApril 196060Death
William Thomas MurleyApril 195862Death
Elizabeth May RobertsApril 194674Death
Emily Susan SarahApril 194476Death
John George WainmanApril 194179Death
Catherine TonkinApril 193486Death
Elizabeth Watt SangsterApril 192595Death
Nicholas MannApril 1920100Death
William Henry MarksApril 1900120Death
Elizabeth NichollsApril 1900120Death
Peter CasleyApril 1899121Death
Honour HicksApril 1895125Death
Ivy Grace Fairy HattamApril 1894126Birth
Prudence Hichens RouffignacApril 1893127Death
William AngwinApril 1891129Death
Mary Dorcas BadcockApril 1891129Birth
Jane Baragwanath HollowApril 1891129Death
Elizabeth PoolApril 1886134Death
Gertrude RobertsApril 1886134Death
Grace DunnApril 1885135Death
Emily UrenApril 1885135Death
Phillis TrewrenApril 1883137Death
Ada ThomasApril 1882138Birth
Eliza ?between April 1881 and November 1882139Death
Maria AngwinApril 1880140Death
Florence Annie FriggensApril 1880140Birth
Mary ThomasApril 1875145Death
Rebecca BlewettApril 1874146Birth
John WilliamsApril 1874146Death
Elizabeth WarrenApril 1873147Death
John Henry Warrenbetween April 1871 and June 1876149Death
Joseph PayneApril 1870150Death
John WilliamsApril 1870150Death
John VealApril 1868152Death
Henry ThomasApril 1867153Death
James Bolitho VealApril 1866154Death
Martha Jane PenroseApril 1863157Death
Mary Oats TregearApril 1863157Death
William TriggsApril 1863157Death
Martin WilliamsApril 1863157Death
Madron LeggoApril 1862158Death
Sarah RobertsApril 1862158Death
Della ?April 1859161Birth
John BarrettApril 1859161Death
Richard BondApril 1859161Death
Mary ?April 1858162Death
John AngwinApril 1857163Death
William PenroseApril 1857163Death
Philip RouffignacApril 1856164Death
Ellen Sarah GlassonApril 1855165Death
John M NordinApril 1855165Birth
Andrew NichollsApril 1854166Death
George John Richardsbefore April 1851169Death
Thomas TonkinApril 1850170Death
Grace HollowApril 1849171Death
Ellen HarveyApril 1848172Death
Charles FriggensApril 1844176Death
William WarrenApril 1844176Death
James BaragwanathApril 1842178Death
Charles OsbornApril 1842178Death
Matthew OsbornApril 1842178Death
Jonathan ChappleApril 1841179Birth
Henry NoyApril 1841179Death
Francis BoneApril 1839181Death
Mary Jane CasleyApril 1837183Death
Ann Weymouth OsbornApril 1836184Death
Thomas Henry PezzackApril 1836184Death
Mary StevensApril 1831189Death
Honour RowellApril 1827193Death
Elizabeth PenroseApril 1821199Death
William HutchensApril 1802218Death
Grace NichollsApril 1781239Death
Martin WarrenApril 1716304Death
Francis WarinApril 1691329Death
Margery AngwinApril 1690330Birth
Franciscus BandApril 1646374Death
Thomas Barlow RobertsApril 1, 198832Death
Alfred OldsApril 1, 196159Death
Marlene BrayApril 1, 194377Birth
Dulcie Rose LanyonApril 1, 1917103Birth
Edith Alice PeakApril 1, 1915105Birth
William Henry RobertsApril 1, 1915105Death
Phyllis May WordenApril 1, 1909111Birth
Edwin BlewettApril 1, 1899121Birth
Percival KliskeyApril 1, 1891129Birth
Ethel WilsonApril 1, 1889131Birth
Margaret FordApril 1, 1888132Birth
Margaret FordApril 1, 1888132Death
Grace HattamApril 1, 1887133Birth
Margaret BennettsApril 1, 1880140Death
Matilda HattamApril 1, 1870150Birth
Isabella BennettsApril 1, 1863157Birth
Jane AngwinApril 1, 1690330Death
Richard Grenfell + Mary WhiteApril 1, 1861159Marriage
Henry Lanyon + Grace LeggoApril 1, 1854166Marriage
Nicholas White + Margery BennettApril 1, 1820200Marriage
John Hattam + Rebecca MitchellApril 1, 1797223Marriage