HATTAM - Cornwall - St Just in Penwith, Redruth, Truro
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Total surnames2,283
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Earliest birth year1480William Lanyon
Birth 1480 - Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Death 20 March AD 1566/67 (Age 87) -
Earliest death yearAD 1567William Lanyon
Birth 1480 - Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Death 20 March AD 1566/67 (Age 87) -
Latest death year2013 James Richard Lawry
Death 6 January 2013 - Michigan, USA
Individual who lived the longest103Mary Willets
Birth 1784 - Newington, Surrey, England
Death 1887 (Age 103) Age: 102 - St Olave (district), Surrey, England
Average age at death55Males: 54   Females: 56
Family with the most children18John Rowe + Elizabeth Roberts
Marriage 12 November 1853 - All Saints Church, Bendigo, VIC, Australia
Average number of children per family2.41 

Most common surnames

HATTAM - Cornwall ‎‎(St Just in Penwith, Truro, Redruth)‎‎
On this day
Gwendoline May HattamHattam,Gwendoline May21 April 200101717Death
Emma KittoKitto,Emma21 April 191919999Death
Percival ClemensClemens,Percival21 April 19182100100Death
Jane Nicholls FriggensFriggens,Jane Nicholls21 April 19053113113Death
Ernest Lawson HattamHattam,Ernest Lawson21 April 19044114114Birth
William ParfettParfett,William21 April 19035115115Death
Henry HattamHattam,Henry21 April 19006118118Birth
Melville TrenberthTrenberth,Melville21 April 18977121121Birth
Athol Clive HattamHattam,Athol Clive21 April 18968122122Death
Richard Howard ToyToy,Richard Howard21 April 18949124124Birth
Mary FriggensFriggens,Mary21 April 189210126126Death
Alice Thomas ClemensClemens,Alice Thomas21 April 187211146146Birth
Mary BattenBatten,Mary21 April 186212156156Death
Mary BennettsBennetts,Mary21 April 186113157157Birth
Margaret BolithoBolitho,Margaret21 April 183914179179Birth
Thomas AngwinAngwin,Thomas21 April 183315185185Birth
Mary BosenceBosence,Mary21 April 183016188188Death
Elizabeth AngwinAngwin,Elizabeth21 April 169617322322Death
Robert Henry Williams + Hilda Kathleen BuckWilliams,Robert Henry + Buck,Hilda Kathleen21 April 1928189090Marriage
John Mann + Annie Martha MaddernMann,John + Maddern,Annie Martha21 April 189419124124Marriage
John White + Jane LukeWhite,John + Luke,Jane21 April 187220146146Marriage
Charles Friggens + Elizabeth KempFriggens,Charles + Kemp,Elizabeth21 April 176421254254Marriage