HATTAM - Cornwall - St Just in Penwith, Redruth, Truro
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Earliest birth year1480William Lanyon
Birth 1480 - Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Death 20 March AD 1566/67 (Age 87) -
Earliest death yearAD 1567William Lanyon
Birth 1480 - Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Death 20 March AD 1566/67 (Age 87) -
Latest death year2013 James Richard Lawry
Death 6 January 2013 - Michigan, USA
Individual who lived the longest103Mary Willets
Birth 1784 - Newington, Surrey, England
Death 1887 (Age 103) Age: 102 - St Olave (district), Surrey, England
Average age at death55Males: 54   Females: 56
Family with the most children18John Rowe + Elizabeth Roberts
Marriage 12 November 1853 - All Saints Church, Bendigo, VIC, Australia
Average number of children per family2.41 

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HATTAM - Cornwall ‎‎(St Just in Penwith, Truro, Redruth)‎‎
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John William Marley
John William Marley
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Shared note: This photo was taken at Silver Street, Murton in 1947. Silver Street was owned by the Colliery and was free to mine workers.
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Robert Charles JolyJoly,Robert Charles17 March 195905959Birth
Mary Elizabeth FearellFearell,Mary Elizabeth17 March 195016868Death
Thomas Olds MaddernMaddern,Thomas Olds17 March 194327575Death
Ernest Cridge HattamHattam,Ernest Cridge17 March 193937979Death
Ellen Letitia AdamsAdams,Ellen Letitia17 March 193848080Death
Lilian Gwendoline ??,Lilian Gwendoline17 March 19035115115Birth
Olive Ann WillisWillis,Olive Ann17 March 18966122122Birth
Walter ChirgwinChirgwin,Walter17 March 18917127127Birth
Willie ChirgwinChirgwin,Willie17 March 18918127127Birth
Alfred James TonkinTonkin,Alfred James17 March 18849134134Birth
Florence Maud K HendersonHenderson,Florence Maud K17 March 188310135135Birth
Mary Anne AngwinAngwin,Mary Anne17 March 187711141141Birth
William John RobertsRoberts,William John17 March 187612142142Birth
Thomasine HattamHattam,Thomasine17 March 187313145145Birth
Minnie Rosina HattamHattam,Minnie Rosina17 March 186614152152Birth
Johann Christian FrankeFranke,Johann Christian17 March 185615162162Death
John AngwinAngwin,John17 March 179716221221Birth
Thomas Henry Eddy + Selina RogersEddy,Thomas Henry + Rogers,Selina17 March 188517133133Marriage
Thomas Pearce + Emily ToyPearce,Thomas + Toy,Emily17 March 188418134134Marriage
Philip James Cotton + Grace Richards TremethickCotton,Philip James + Tremethick,Grace Richards17 March 187719141141Marriage
George Curnow + Jane WhiteCurnow,George + White,Jane17 March 185020168168Marriage
Charles Hutchins Warren + Joanna StoneWarren,Charles Hutchins + Stone,Joanna17 March 183321185185Marriage
Andrew Angwin + Mary WilliamsAngwin,Andrew + Williams,Mary17 March 182722191191Marriage