HATTAM - Cornwall ‎‎(St Just in Penwith, Truro, Redruth)‎‎


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Absalom Andrew
1873147Breage, Cornwall, England0
Ann Andrew
1842178Tregaminion Farm, Tywardreath, Cornwall, England0
Beatrice Andrew
1865155Perranuthnoe, Cornwall, England0
Benjamin Andrew
Benjamin Andrew
Catherine Andrew
September 30, 1883136Gulval, Cornwall, England0
Catherine Bellman Andrew
1847173Tregaminion Farm, Tywardreath, Cornwall, England3
Elizabeth C Andrew
1872148Breage, Cornwall, England0
Ellen Andrew
1843177Tregaminion Farm, Tywardreath, Cornwall, England8
Ellen Jane Andrew
1881139Gulval, Cornwall, England0
Emma Andrew
1829191St Austell, Cornwall, England0
George Andrew
Grace Andrew
about 1812208Atherington, Devon, England1
Grace Ivey Andrew
1886134Gulval, Cornwall, England0
Henry Andrew
January 1, 1846174Stithians, Cornwall, England1319269480
Henry Strobley Andrew
Honor Andrew
April 19, 1777242St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England8between 1861 and 187115983
James Andrew
1890130Gulval, Cornwall, England0
John Andrew
1867153Perranuthnoe, Cornwall, England0
John Andrew
1799221Cornwall, England7between 1861 and 187115962
John Andrew
17662544August 20, 183118865
John Andrew
1840180Tregaminion Farm, Tywardreath, Cornwall, England0
Joseph Andrew
Joseph Henry Andrew
1873147Gulval, Cornwall, England0
Josepha Ann Andrew
Lavinia Deason Andrew
1882138Gulval, Cornwall, England0
Lavinia Deason Andrew
1878142Gulval, Cornwall, England0May 18821374Penzance (district), Cornwall, England
Louisa Grace Andrew
1845175Tregaminion Farm, Tywardreath, Cornwall, England0
Maria George Andrew
1836184Tregaminion Farm, Tywardreath, Cornwall, England2
Maria Webber Andrew
1888132Gulval, Cornwall, England0
Mary Andrew
1887133Gulval, Cornwall, England018901303Boscreege, Gulval, Cornwall, England
Mary Andrew
Mary E Andrew
1878142St Hilary, Cornwall, England0
Mary Elizabeth Andrew
1835185Tregaminion Farm, Tywardreath, Cornwall, England2
Mary Ellen Andrew
1875145Newmill, Gulval, Cornwall, England0March 18771432Newmill, Gulval, Cornwall, England
Philippa Andrew
Thomas Francis Andrew
1879141Gulval, Cornwall, England0
William Andrew
William Andrew
William Glover Andrew
1884136Bay of Biscay, Gulval, Cornwall, England0December 18861332Bay of Biscay, Gulval, Cornwall, England
William Roskilly Andrew
1876144Gulval, Cornwall, England0October 18771421Newmill, Gulval, Cornwall, England