HATTAM - Cornwall ‎‎(St Just in Penwith, Truro, Redruth)‎‎


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Alfred Betteridge
1864156Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
Alice E Betteridge
1883137Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England0
Annie Betteridge
1896124Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, England0
Annie Jane Betteridge
1884136Great Tew, Oxfordshire, England0
Charles Betteridge
1868152Shipton under Wychwood, Oxfordshire, England0
Charles E Betteridge
1896124Cassington, Oxfordshire, England0
Charles Edwin Betteridge
1889131Cassington, Oxfordshire, England018941265Oxford (district), Oxfordshire, England
Clara Rosina Betteridge
1866154Langford, Oxfordshire, England5
Clarice Mary Gwendolyn Betteridge
1907113Willesden, Middlesex, England0August 19704963New Zealand
Daisy Bessie Betteridge
1893127Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
Edmund Betteridge
1797223Salford, Oxfordshire, England8185916162Chipping Norton (district), Oxfordshire, England
Edmund Betteridge
1833187Salford, Oxfordshire, England018341861Salford, Oxfordshire, England
Edwin Betteridge
1857163Salford, Oxfordshire, England3
Elizabeth Betteridge
1849171Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
Elsie Betteridge
1891129Stow on the Wold (district), Gloucestershire, England1
Emma Betteridge
1869151Salford, Oxfordshire, England5
Francis Charles Betteridge
1896124Chastleton, Oxfordshire, England0
Francis William Cecil Betteridge
1905115Willesden, Middlesex, England0August 19784173New Zealand
Frank C Betteridge
1859161Salford, Oxfordshire, England5
Frederick Betteridge
1867153Salford, Oxfordshire, England3
Fredrick Betteridge
1857163Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
George Betteridge
1828192Salford, Oxfordshire, England4189612468Chipping Norton (district), Oxfordshire, England
George Betteridge
1850170Salford, Oxfordshire, England3
George Betteridge
1871149Milton, Oxfordshire, England2
George Edward Betteridge
1888132Cornwell, Oxfordshire, England0
George Frederick Betteridge
1892128Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
Henry Betteridge
1857163Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
Henry Levi Betteridge
1862158Salford, Oxfordshire, England3
James Betteridge
1823197Salford, Oxfordshire, England6189712374Chipping Norton (district), Oxfordshire, England
John Betteridge
1853167Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
John Edward Betteridge
1894126Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
Julia Betteridge
1875145Williamstrip Coln, Gloucestershire, England0
Lidon Betteridge
1861159Heyford, Gloucestershire, England0
Lilyanett Leah Elizabeth Betteridge
January 1881139Chalford Enstone, Oxfordshire, England0
Louisa Betteridge
1884136Eynsham, Oxfordshire, England0
Lucy Betteridge
1859161Salford, Oxfordshire, England1
Marian Sarah E Betteridge
1882138Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England0189512513Chipping Norton (district), Oxfordshire, England
Mark Betteridge
1838182Salford, Oxfordshire, England5189212854Chipping Norton (district), Oxfordshire, England
Mary Betteridge
1881139Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England0
Mary Betteridge
1826194Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
Mary A Betteridge
1864156Idbury, Oxfordshire, England0
Mary Elizabeth (Bessie) Betteridge
1879141Foscote, Oxfordshire, England0
Matilda Betteridge
1893127Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, England0
Olive Mabel Betteridge
1898122Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
Patricia Jean Betteridge
February 4, 194080Weston (district), Somerset, England0September 10, 20021762Bristol, Somerset, England
Rhoda Betteridge
1842178Salford, Oxfordshire, England018421780Salford, Oxfordshire, England
Sarah Betteridge
1831189Oxfordshire, England0184917118Oxfordshire, England
Sarah Ann Betteridge
1867153Milton, Oxfordshire, England3
Stephen Betteridge
1836184Salford, Oxfordshire, England8189612460Chipping Norton (district), Oxfordshire, England
Thomas Betteridge
1853167Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
Violet Edna May Betteridge
1912108London, England019863474New Zealand
William Betteridge
1847173Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
William Betteridge
1875145Enstone, Oxfordshire, England3August 19556480New Zealand
William Betteridge
1878142Salford, Oxfordshire, England0
William Betteridge
December 7, 1900119Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire, England019912990Bristol (district), Gloucestershire, England