John Henry SampsonAge: 8118551936

John Henry Sampson
Birth 21 September 1855 35 32
Birth of a brotherWilliam Sampson
30 May 1857 (Age 20 months)
Birth of a brotherEdmund Sampson
27 April 1859 (Age 3)
Death of a brotherEdmund Sampson
13 November 1859 (Age 4)
Birth of a sisterJane Hattam Sampson
30 October 1860 (Age 5)
Birth of a brotherEdwin (Edmund) Sampson
20 June 1862 (Age 6)
Death of a maternal grandfatherThomas Hattam
1869 (Age 13)
Burial of a maternal grandfatherThomas Hattam
1869 (Age 13)
Death of a maternal grandmotherJane Harpur
25 May 1870 (Age 14) Age: 76
Burial of a maternal grandmotherJane Harpur
27 May 1870 (Age 14) Age: 76
Death of a fatherWilliam Sampson
10 April 1876 (Age 20)
Cause: Asthma
Burial of a fatherWilliam Sampson
1876 (Age 20)
Marriage of a siblingWilliam SampsonEmily TrenberthView family
28 June 1878 (Age 22) Husband: 21 Wife: 20
marriage index : 1878 Dal 15 / 1158
MarriageElizabeth Jane HitchensView family
7 July 1880 (Age 24)
Marriage of a siblingElisha TrenberthJane Hattam SampsonView family
29 December 1880 (Age 25) Husband: 21 Wife: 20
marriage index : 1880 Dal 125 / 1253
Birth of a daughter
Ethel Annie Sampson
1 February 1881 (Age 25)
Birth of a daughter
Olive Sampson
29 August 1884 (Age 28)
Birth of a daughter
Lilian May Sampson
25 August 1885 (Age 29)
Birth of a son
Stanley Sampson
1 March 1887 (Age 31)
Birth of a daughter
Alice Evelyn Sampson
15 August 1889 (Age 33)
Birth of a daughter
Bessie Sampson
31 May 1891 (Age 35)
Birth of a daughter
Daisy Pearl Sampson
18 June 1894 (Age 38)
Birth of a son
John Henry Hitchens Sampson
19 May 1896 (Age 40)
Marriage of a siblingEdwin (Edmund) SampsonCatherine Rebecca SmartView family
21 July 1897 (Age 41)
Death of a motherMary Ann Hattam
22 July 1898 (Age 42)
Cause: Accidental burns
Date of entry in original source: 29 July 1898
THE KAPUNDA HERALD, Friday, July 29, 1898. FATAL BURNING ACCIDENT. - Mrs. Mary Ann Sampson, aged 78 years, living in Queen street, Kapunda, was so badly burnt at about half-past six o'clock on Friday evening that she died on Saturday morn- ing. The old lady lived by herself, but next door to her daughter (Mrs Trenberth), who attended to her wants, and on Friday evening was sitting near the fire, which was in a grate. The wind was blowing strongly and came down the chimney, and caused the flames from the fire to project through the bars of the grate. Her grand- son Gordon Trenberth, who lighted her candle and took her tea in, cautioned his grandmother about the danger, whereupon she shifted her chair further back. The lad went into his tea, and about a quarter- of-an-hour afterwards he heard screams. He, followed by his father, ran outside and found the yard lighted up. On looking towards his grandmother's door he saw her standing in a small porchway with the flames rising over her head. In a moment the poor old lady fell, and by this time Mr Trenberth arrived, and, with the assistance of Mr Edward Jenkins, who had been attracted by the fire from the Railway- road, put the fire out. Dr E McM Glynn was called, but he gave no hope of the suf- ferer, who was well nigh roasted. An inquest was held on Saturday afternoon by Mr J Small, J.P., when a verdict of death through accidental burning, no blame being attachable to anyone, was returned. CORONER'S INQUEST FATAL BURNING ACCIDENT On Saturday afternoon 0r John Small, J.P., held an enquiry into the circum- stances surrounding the death of Mary Ann Sampson, which occured at her residence, Queen-street, Kapunda, on Saturday morning. Gorden Wasley Trenberth, 13 years of age, deposed that he was a grandson of the deceased. the deceased lived alone, but was attended to by his mother. He remembered Friday evening, when, about six o'clock, he took his grandmother's tea in. She was sitting in front of the fire. He lit a candle, leaving it alight on the table. He told his grandmother to go further back from the fire as he thought she was too near to it, as a strong wind was blowing the fire through the grate- bars. She shifted back a little. He then returned to his parent's house. About ten minutes afterwards he heard a scream, and on going out found his grandmother in the yard in flames. Her clothes were on fire at the bottom and the wind blew the flames up over her. His father came out and put the fire out, his grandmother having then fallen down. Elisha Trenberth deposed that the body was that of Mary Ann Sampson, his mother-in-law. Witness lived next door. About 6 o'clock on Friday evening he heard screams. Went outside and found the yard lit up. He found Mrs Sampson ablaze, standing in a little porch of the house. She fell before he got to her. He caught up an old carpet and put the flames out with the assistance of young Jenkins. He took deceased into the house and sent for the doctor. She was unable to give any explanation as to how the fire happened. She could not speak. She died at quarter to 7 on Saturday morning. She had been looked after and attended to by his family. She was in her 78th year. He found a chair near the fire-place, in which there was a good fire. Dr E McM Glynn deposed that he was called on Friday evening at about 6.30. He found the deceased lying on a bed. The bulk of her clothing was burnt to a cinder. Both legs were badly burnt and the right arm and face also. She was suffering great pain so far as he could understand from her incoherent statements; she had been a little weak-minded for some months. He dressed her injuries, but knew the result would be fatal during the night. The cause of death was shock from burning. Edward Jenkins deposed that he was passing near the rear of Mrs Sampson's house about 6.15 on Friday evening. He heard screams, and looking in the direc- tion saw a blaze. He ran over, thinking the house was on fire. On reaching the place he found that Mrs Sampson was on fire in the porch. Mr and Mrs Trenberth were putting the fire out. Witness assisted to extinguish the fire. Helped to carry her inside and put her on a bed. The doctor was sent for. The jury returned a verdict that deceased's death was due to accidental burning, there being no blame attachable to anyone.
Birth of a daughter
Jean Esmond Sampson
18 October 1901 (Age 46)
Death of a daughterJean Esmond Sampson
9 November 1901 (Age 46)
Death of a sonJohn Henry Hitchens Sampson
15 May 1917 (Age 61)
Death 13 October 1936 (Age 81)

Family with parents - View family
Marriage: 7 July 1855St Mary Church, Kooringa, SA, Australia
2 months
20 months
younger brother
23 months
younger brother
Edmund Sampson
Birth: 27 April 1859 39 36Kooringa, SA, Australia
Death: 13 November 1859Kooringa, SA, Australia
18 months
younger sister
20 months
younger brother
Family with Elizabeth Jane Hitchens - View family
Marriage: 7 July 1880Wallaroo, SA, Australia
7 months
4 years
1 year
18 months
3 years
21 months
3 years
23 months
5 years
Jean Esmond Sampson
Birth: 18 October 1901 46 38SA, Australia
Death: 9 November 1901Kapunda, SA, Australia

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Did have William Henry Sampson ... until I saw the marriage index which has a John Henry Sampson that fits age-wise. There's also a younger brother named William.