Wesley Rock Chapel, Heamoor

Wesley Rock Chapel, Heamoor

From: gregmichell@aol.com (Sat Feb 28 09:50:15 2004)
My grandparents, James Kelynack Michell and Elizabeth Bone Jeffery married here in 19808.
From: Helen Mc (Mon Jan 10 16:31:45 2005)
My gr. grandparents George Glasson and Elizabeth Pee Permewan were married in this chapel on 9 March 1870.
I am thrilled to be looking at a photo of it!!!
From: Ray Glasson (Wed Feb 27 11:32:06 2008)
A delight to see part of my home village with which my family has over 300yrs of history
Helen Mac contact me if interested bizforray@blueyonder.co.uk
From: Jack Murra (Wed Jul 15 08:48:31 2009)
Can you tell me what road the church is on?
From: Administrator (mark@hattam.co.uk) (Wed Jul 15 15:01:01 2009)
In the picture you can see the road name "Main Street", and it's at the junction of Main Street and Rock Terrace in Heamoor.

If you go to maps.google.co.uk and enter
Main Street, Heamoor
you should then see a map with the marker just south of the junction.

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