St Just in Penwith  
Carn Bosavern (long row) ... behind St Just Garage

Carn Bosavern (long row) ... behind St Just Garage

From: Jim Goodacre (Thu Apr 7 15:49:01 2005)
During World War 2, I was evecuated at 25 Carn Bosavern from 1944-45 and spent the most miserable months of my life there.
From: Diane McParland (Wed Aug 10 07:05:25 2005)
I was born in Carn Bosavern in 1942, moving to Fore Street 2 years later. I have happy memories of spending time "up Carn" as a child, as my granny still lived there. My parents had evacuees before I was born, mum told me many stories about those years, and how traumatic it was for the children leaving their homes and families.
From: Louise Kubler nee Lawry (Sat Nov 26 17:29:57 2005)
I have very fond memories of all around this area, I lived down Nancherrow, in the house behind the shop that I believe is now a craft /art shop, I left in 54 to live in Australia but now live in New Zealand, my Aunty still lives at Carn Bosavern !!!
From: Barbara Prowse (Sun Aug 19 14:53:45 2007)
In the late 1980s I fell in love with St Just and especially Carn Bosavern. Now I live in this row, walk straight along this pathway..... Cottage cold and damp. But bliss!!
From: valerie findlay (Sun Nov 18 11:46:59 2007)
My Grandmother, annie Tippet Reseigh lived at 26 or 27 Carn Bosavern with her brother Jack andsister Olive and their parents at least up until about 1912 - can anyone help me trace what happened to her Father John Reseigh - I think he must have died before 1916
From: Administrator ( (Sun Nov 18 20:21:58 2007)
There's a burial for a 40 year old John Reseigh of Carn Bosavern on 6 Oct 1909
There's a GRO death index to match ... 1909 Dec Penzance 5c 161

looks like Sarah J Reseigh remarried in 1st quarter 1911 maybe to a Thomas W Hills
From: Administrator ( (Sun Nov 18 20:22:06 2007)
1901 Census
RG 13 / 2257 / ED 11 folio 125 page 27 schedule 172
27 Carne Bosavern, St Just
John Reseigh, Head, M, 31, -, Coal Hawker, worker, at home, Cornwall St Just
Sarah J Reseigh, Wife, M, -, 24, -, -, -, Cornwall Goldsithney
Annie T Reseigh, Dau, -, -, 4, -, -, -, Glamorganshire Mardy
John T Reseigh, Son, -, 3, -, -, -, -, Glamorganshire Mardy
Olive M Reseigh, Dau, -, -, 9 months, -, -, -, Cornwall St Just
From: Jan Ellis (Mon May 26 11:14:15 2008)
my grandmother Evelyn Hocking was born at no. 26 Carn Bosavern in 1882
From: Graham Dexter (Wed Jul 29 09:18:27 2009)
Had wonderful memories of being evacuated from London to the Trevathens(?) in St.Just..The father worked on a farm,Mother had a shop at bottom of garden and the son Eddie had a horse and cart vegetable round...What a life! and so different from Walthamstow,East London..Went back 50 years later ...hardly changed ..sadly the old water mill had gone
From: Ken Johns (Mon Sep 7 15:07:02 2009)
Row of houses is behind Carn Bosavern Garage.
St.Just Garage is in Fore Street.
From: Ken Johns (Thu Sep 17 14:25:19 2009)
I recall in 1940's,50s or 60s Revd.Harry Reseigh who was Minister of Congregational Church in Penzance and lived in St.Just - possibly Queen Street.Also Capt.Joe Reseigh, Master of the "Scillonian" about same period - probably lived on the Islands.
From: A Smith (Fri Mar 25 03:58:29 2011)
evacuee to 16 Bank Square Butchers-then Boscean Farm,the Count House with Matt & Ethel Eddy,From Walthamstow..
Probably the best years of my life. Thank you to the people of St Just.
From: A Smith (Fri Mar 25 04:09:15 2011)
evacuee to 16 Bank Square Butchers-then Boscean Farm,the Count House with Matt & Ethel Eddy,From Walthamstow..
Probably the best years of my life. Thank you to the people of St Just.
From: VALERIE FINDLAY (Thu May 26 15:41:13 2011)
From: ZENA GRECO (Mon Mar 19 20:50:31 2012)
My Gran and Grandad lived at number 52 then 36 Carn Bosavern best childhood days ever.
From: Graham Dexter (Sat Jun 30 09:56:14 2012)
Still researching the period.Believe the name of the road to be Tregeseal...Anyone know of the number and the identity of the residents..The house with the shop at the bottom of the garden..
From: Andy Britton (Fri Nov 30 16:22:42 2012)
bought no 8 in 2001,hoped to live the rest of my life there,wife left,found it too tricky alone on the Carn,mainly work up country,,miss it like mad, such a special place ,and special people
From: Dereka Smith (Tue Sep 3 14:03:02 2013)
My father, Marshall K. Smith, was born at 32 Carn Bosavern on 28 June 1915.
From: Reseigh family tree (Wed Oct 9 21:54:36 2013)
Trying to reconstruct family tree from 1600 for Reseighs. We are in California. Directly related to Reseigh book of Australia. Visiting area. What do you suggest?
From: A Derx (Thu Aug 6 07:42:57 2015)
I have a substantial Reseigh Family Tree from St Just from 1600s you can find me on
From: Barbara swainston (Sat Jan 21 18:12:03 2017)
I was billeted during ww2 at no. 18 carn bosavern with a Mrs Rowe who had a daughter living in South Africa. The house was situated overlooking what was then the drill hall, where dances were held. My bedroom was at the front and I could listen to the music as I lay in bed. I was friendly with a girl called Adrienne who I think also lived on the carn.
From: Les Eddy (Fri Dec 8 07:33:24 2017)
My grandparents (Mr and Mrs W J Johns )lived in no 31 many happy hours spent “ up Carn” in the 50s and 60s with the Carners!, good days.
From: Keith Roberts (Sat Oct 5 11:37:03 2019)
Shop in Tregaseal was a Nissan hut run by Mrs Hocking Eddy

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