St Just in Penwith  
Methodist Free Church in St Just (not the Wesleyan one!)

Methodist Free Church in St Just (not the Wesleyan one!)

From: M.A G. (Fri Sep 16 11:00:47 2011)
The denomination is Weslyan Reform Union. Time has moved on and 'fireplace' cafe with internet access is now an important factor in the work of Free Church St Just. Come along and see. We are here to help in any way we can. You too can experience what God can do.
From: John Moore (Mon May 6 10:16:08 2013)
An ancestor of mine Rev James Morris was Minister of this church from eary 1912 I think to 1921. Does the church have any records which would say execatly when he came? It certianly looks a lovely church inside too.
Thanks, John
From: Roger King (Wed Aug 14 14:33:56 2013)
I have been the Chair of the Trustee's Committee since Jan 2012, and I am not aware of any list that details the former Ministers - a serious omission, I know, for which I'm sorry. If anyone out there can help us compile such a record, we will be most grateful.
From: Julian with Swedish (lived there 15 years wife-to-be (Sun Dec 20 23:13:56 2015)
Want to marry the love of my life (Lisa) out on Cape Cornwall. Can you help? Will be in Cornwall with Swedish family (Grandad, Nan plus our little Molly) May 2016.

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