St Just in Penwith  
St Just Parish Church

St Just Parish Church

From: (Sun Feb 29 17:54:23 2004)
This is a beautiful Parish. My Great Grandparents were married there in 1857.
From: Louise Kubler nee Lawry (Sat Nov 26 19:27:33 2005)
I was christened in this chuch 60 odd years ago, I left in 54, I now live in NZ, but have been "home" several times over the last 10 years, you never foeget where you were born !!!
From: Diane McParland (Tue Apr 17 23:24:52 2007)
St Just church was part of my life for 28 year. I went to the Sunday school, was in the choir, was married there and my first born, Justin was baptised there. My mother and father had their funerals there. Happy and sad memories. Always call in when "home" visiting family & friends.
From: ann lavender nee clemens (Sat Sep 15 11:37:55 2007)
many of my ancestors were christened, married and buried in this church from the 17th century on, I always come to visit while on holiday.
From: Lindy Kingsford (Sun Feb 3 21:12:05 2008)
Many of my ancestors were christened, married and buried in this church too - I live in Australia and am longing for my first visit!
From: Jan Ellis (Mon May 26 11:24:34 2008)
St Just church has been my family church for many generations. Sunday School,choir,christenings,marriages,burials, all happened here and still are - grandchildren christened just a few weeks ago!
From: Raewyn in New zealand (Mon Jul 13 17:37:43 2009)
We visited this church in November last year on a trip around Devon and Cornwall to visit! the ancestors. This was not one of mine but visited anyway
From: Margaret Owens (Mon Jul 13 19:14:54 2009)
I have visited the Church on my many visits to St Just when researching my Family Tree. The Nankervis, Eddy, Ellis, Greenfield/Grenfell are just some of the families from the area. I became the Online Parish Clerk (Genealogy) because I love the place so much.
From: Penny Shields (Thu Jul 23 17:20:37 2009)
I was amazed to see 15th Century paintings on walls, history still visible
From: Penny Shields (Thu Jul 23 17:22:49 2009)
What wonderful 15th century paintings on walls of Parish Church

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