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The Miners Arms, Nancherrow Terrace (Bank Square), St Just

The Miners Arms, Nancherrow Terrace (Bank Square), St Just

From: hi (Sun Jul 23 04:57:30 2006)
my dad works in that pub but he's moving
bye love roxy weale
From: DAVID VAN LOEN (Sun Oct 15 11:38:48 2006)
I lived in this Pub during WWII as an evacuee for 3 years 1940-1943. There were 5 boys all from London, looked after by Mr. & Mrs. Dick Luke. We were there when the German plane crashed onto the house on the corner near the Town Hall. Can anyone still remember this. I have lots of happy memories of St. Just.
From: Gone (Wed Dec 5 09:11:42 2007)
The best years of the Miners Arms were when Al and Barbara ran it. The best landlords around. The Miners will never be the same.
From: MIke (Fri Jan 4 14:29:51 2008)
Spent many hours playing Euchre here when Jack and Pat were there
From: Under New Ownership (Wed Feb 13 06:39:26 2008)
The Miners arms is under new ownership, they have great food fine ales and a welcoming atmosphere, Lynn & Michael really know how to make you feel at home. They have even started a pizza delivery service and they are just superb! Tel 01736 788484
From: Anonymous Alcoholics Society (Fri Mar 7 11:25:15 2008)
Watch out! There are new animals in "THE ZOO"
From: Bob & Sandra Hampshire (Wed Sep 17 13:01:48 2008)
It's OK, the animals don't bite!
From: experiece (Sat Dec 27 17:01:59 2008)
If every person was like Lynn or Mike the world would be a wonderful place.
From: John (Sun Dec 27 06:09:40 2009)
Known to the locals as the "Wink"
From: Anonymous Alcoholics Society (Sun Jan 17 10:59:04 2010)
Known to the OLDER locals as "THE ZOO"
From: Jo and Dave (Mon May 24 11:45:23 2010)
hi to Chris Brown and the Maker gis a call lost contact for a while 07745018280 x x x
From: David Van Loen (Sun May 30 07:35:33 2010)
When I lived there during WW2 it was known as "The Wink" but never as "The Zoo"
From: staunts (Sat Jul 31 18:29:24 2010)
bit late I fear, the miners has always been the heart and sole for me, sad to see it go
From: Tracy Morris (Fri Aug 20 08:37:33 2010)
We bought The Miners/Wink 4 weeks ago and will be converting it into a house for our family.
From: peter sheils (Fri Sep 24 07:18:47 2010)
iused to be the tenant of this pub the reason it was called the wink and so were many other pubs in the area was they only had a licence to sell beer, so if you wanted something stronger in there beer they gave the landlord a wink, nod nod know what i mean
From: Anonymous Alcoholics Society (Sat Oct 9 20:23:09 2010)
I bet David Van Loen has never heard of the Anonymous Alcoholics Society that used to frequent "THE ZOO". It was so called by local people because of the animals that drank there.
From: Dave Bartlet (Tue Nov 16 19:48:42 2010)
I knew it as the zoo. I know several surviving ex members of the old anonymous alcoholics society group.I believe there were 10 of them.
From: David Van Loen (Fri May 4 09:42:30 2012)
Never heard of the AAS in my day's there 1940/43 but there were always dogs brought in by the farmers. Will contact you again soon Tracy.
From: Dave Bartlet (Sun Nov 11 10:09:27 2012)
I am one of the two Anonymous Alcoholics Society that is still alive. We named it "the zoo" because of the Human "creatures" that drank there David V.L! Nothing to do with FARMERS'DOGS. Ed Olds (RIP) was the latest of our Society to pass away.
From: froggy (Mon Dec 30 18:47:50 2013)
Al and Barbara were the best landlords in town.The wink was the best pub, people would argue, laugh,fight but Al was like a father to everybody, never lost his temper.The bands played great music.It was like a zoo at times! Glad I was there when it had its best years.Good memories.

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