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The Star Inn, Fore Street, St Just

The Star Inn, Fore Street, St Just

From: h (Fri Jan 26 06:57:25 2007)
i live here
From: John Tierney (Mon Sep 3 10:37:50 2007)
I sang Flower of Scotland here last year and I will be back very soon, this is a great place to meeet the locals, great people.
From: 1/2 (Thu Sep 13 08:26:57 2007)
Super pub great beer just like a pub should be
From: 1/2 from Colchester (Fri Sep 21 08:38:26 2007)
Same comments forgot to tell you where I'm from
From: helensusanmaclean (Tue Nov 13 03:09:30 2007)
Alas, I haven't lived yet...I haven't yet been to The Star but I do want to come to see you soon, as my nearest and dearest relatives were born in St Just... oh, and most importantly I would love to hear dear John singing Flower of Scotland...
From: Helen Nankervis (Mrs) (Fri Jan 4 19:42:44 2008)
Enjoyed meeting townsfolk in 1991, visit was to hopefully trace ancestors of Henry Casley Nankervis bn St.Just Penwith, he settled New Zealand, had licience's for 3 Hotels. Six generations have resided in NZ. William Nankervis "Military Medal" was killed in WW1. eldest son of Henry.
From: Administrator ( (Fri Jan 4 20:14:52 2008)
William's casualty details are on the CWGC webiste
Who were Henry's parents? Perhaps William Nankervis & Mary Casley, though I can't see register entries to confirm that.
From: John Ball (Tue Jan 29 20:31:09 2008)
possibly Britain's best pub.
From: John Ball (Tue Jan 29 20:38:21 2008)
Spent mny happy stays here when they did B + B,enjoying the late Peter' juke box and Rosie's fabulous breakfasts.
Glad to see its still in safe hands.
From: Barry Quinnell (Tue Aug 26 09:44:30 2008)
The best night is Mondays for the fiddly dee music, it would not be out of place in the best Irish pub. St Just is the place to be any night of the week, remote, unspoilt, great in Winter as well as Summer
From: kernowgrump (Sat Mar 21 21:00:36 2009)
I live here. It's a dump.

The fire isn't alight in October. You stand at the bar in your overcoat. If you can get to the bar with the lushes dumped across it.

The music is too loud, macho drinkers , no decent wine.

Town needs a general uplift to get it into the 21st century and definitely this pub!!!

Test the water here for the sexism, racism and homophobia. Only a brain dead romantic would want to drink here...
From: kernowgrump (Sat Mar 21 21:34:09 2009)
I correct myself: the pub does not condone or support sexism, racism and homophobia.

That is well enough handled by the drinkers.

Owners good people but staff pretty poor. Daytime barman is excellent and best of bunch.

Basically another poor pub in grubby St Just

From: Ian C (Mon Sep 14 19:26:50 2009)
Had an amazining night, great music, great people! And a drum / tambor? Player with the voice of an angel! X
From: Barry Quinnell (Sat Oct 24 10:04:33 2009)
Interesting the "grubby" comment, it took years for the penny to drop with me, now I drive 300 miles about 12 - 15 times a year just to be in St Just, it is one of the friendliest places I have ever had the privelege to inhabit. The Star is a gem, if you have to be critical it should only be that the ale is served through a sparkler at too lower temperature. Go to St Just for Lafrowda, let yer hair down and take yer finger out of yer arse!!
From: J.C (Fri Nov 6 09:48:45 2009)
Agree with you Barry. St Just is a friendly place to visit. Different though if you try to live there. I was born in St Just and lived there for over 40 years. Still visit relatives regularly and NEVER miss Lafrowda or Feast.
From: Plectrum (Sat Jun 5 08:00:08 2010)
Lived in Nancherrow terrace for years & played guitar in the Star in (before Peter died ) & the "Wink".Don't half miss it .Wished I could contact all the friends I made eg Mike & Dave ,the "Kings "euchre people ,John Whiles ,Jim the melodian player & so many more .
From: Plectrum (Sat Jun 5 08:09:21 2010)
Having done a bit of research I don't think Rosie,Bekky are there any more .Please someone give me a contact on the internet .I'll never forget my piano sessions in there .Hope that has not been removed just like the floats we built for feast day . I shouldn't do this but here is my E mail address
I really want toget back in touch with the most wonderful folks I have ever known . Myron
My picture is on the roof of the Star Inn's bar along with my ships wheel (or it was?)
From: Tregeseal (Sun Feb 12 18:46:21 2012)
Plectrum never lived in st just for forty years, More like eleven years. Full of himself as Ever. St just is fine for a shortstay can suck the Life out of you and make you Forget There is a life outside st just.
From: J.C (Wed Sep 12 05:30:47 2012)
Tregeseal..You've got it wrong. Plectrum may be "Full of himself" as you suggest.But it was me J.C who posted the comment about living in St Just for over 40 years. Apology to Plectrum required?
From: J.C. (Sun Nov 11 10:18:02 2012)
From: Julian of Norwich fbl (Tue Apr 2 13:17:07 2013)

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