St Just in Penwith  
Bank Square in St Just

Bank Square in St Just

From: annette (Fri Apr 2 06:19:09 2004)
l love the news agents, all the staff are pleasant, happy and ever smiling, but then, l'm biased, l work there!
From: John (Fri Apr 2 06:22:35 2004)
One special member of the staff is the love of my life!!
From: A Geordielander (Thu May 19 06:26:33 2005)
Yes the shop is fantastic BUT the one further down the street is THE shop cos they make fantasic big cornish pasties which I fetch home after my visit to family in St Just
From: Alec Smith (Mon Oct 30 11:50:34 2006)
This picture brings back so many happy memories.
I with my brother was evacuated to St just in 1939 and we were lodged with a loving couple at the butchers(just visable) Mr & Mrs Harold Stevens. This sounds like the shop that sells the pasties.
From: annette (Tue Jun 29 05:34:23 2010)
No Lloyds bank now, in fact no bank at all anymore, and I still work at the newsagents, must have been his son that took over after, it was run by Ronnie Stevens when I grew up in the late 60's and 70's. it's now flats.
From: Phillip (Fri Feb 17 11:54:06 2012)
Brilliant shop. Buy your lottery from here. We have lovely fresh chocolate!!!!

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