St Just in Penwith  
St Just School in Cape Cornwall Street

St Just School in Cape Cornwall Street

From: Gwyneth Harris nee Stevens (Sat Nov 26 06:35:58 2005)
I went to school here and lived here all my young life leaving St Just when I was twenty two, Still have some family there, ah! memories, thanks.
From: Louise Kubler nee lawry (Sat Nov 26 16:50:22 2005)
I went to this school from the age of 5 till 11 then we emigrated to Australia, then to New Zealand, marrying a kiwi,have been back home several times, St just will always be home to me, my Aunty Phyllis ( Leggo )still lives at "Penmarric" Carn Bosavern, would love to hear from any of my old school mates, our E-mail address is pakloc I would also be happy to reply.
From Louise Kubler nee Lawry
From: Louise Kubler nee Lawry (Sat Nov 26 17:21:53 2005)
Correction to e-mail address.
Should read
From: Peter Harris (Sat Nov 26 18:11:53 2005)
Louise anne Kubler was my first girlfriend at age thirteen, we are still friends fifty two years later and my wife and I visit louise in N.Z. frequently, isn't life great.(her husband PAUL is my best mate)
From: omg (Wed Sep 23 05:51:41 2009)
i went 2 this school
From: chris birbeck (Sat Jul 24 16:01:23 2010)
my 2 sisters and I used to go here too. We also used to have tea at Farmer Leggo's house and the clotted cream was the best (home made). We lived at Kenython House just outside the village and used to have to walk to school some mornings, which took ages...Thanks for these photos.
From: Jen Marks (Sun Apr 3 05:22:53 2011)
I also lived in St Just from 1984 to 86. I loved it there. I have a pen and ink drawing of Kenython house for sake on ebay at the moment you might be interested in. It's by Fred Yates, a local artist in the 80's who is now highly collected. Jen
From: Alec Smith (Mon May 9 06:09:03 2011)
Went to this school in 1940 when evacuated from London
Happy days!
From: chris birbeck (Sat Jun 11 02:45:53 2011)
message for Jen Marks...can you give me contact details so that I can see the drawing...if you still have it?
From: Mark Stanton (Mon Jan 16 07:42:17 2012)
I managed to get lost at this School where the road forks. I was trying to find my way back from the paper shop to our cottage in Princess Street where we stayed on our family holiday in 1970. Happy days.
From: CWhite (Sun Sep 3 13:54:43 2017)
Did anyone have Mrs. Lily Preston as their teacher here?
From: Di (Wed Oct 18 08:24:48 2017)
I lived at The Coach House, Kenython in the 1990s, I used to walk my 4 children to school and fetch them again in the afternoon, a steep hill to climb both ways.

From: Brian Rowe (Sat Mar 17 18:27:14 2018)
I joined Cape Cornwall in 1960,after leaving Carnyorth CP, Mr Curnow was Headmaster, loved my time there.
From: Paul Barton (Mon Oct 15 09:33:24 2018)
Teacher Lily Preston - I'm trying to find out about her husband Bob who served withy the RAF during the war. Before they married Lily was a dancer with the famous Tiller Girls.

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